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God-Given University Publishing, LLC

Did you experience the death of a loved one?

Did you ever make a mistake?

Were you the one in your family who was constantly overlooked?

Have you ever had things go well for you then all of a sudden, you were blindsided with a tragedy?

Did you ever lose everything?

Did you ever wonder how would you make it?

Have you ever wanted to write a book about how God helped you out, but talked yourself out of it because you figured:

  1. You wouldn't know what to say.
  2. Who would want to hear what you've got to say.

If you've answered yes to any of the's time to write that book.

One thing history has taught us; and that is, we love to hear about stories of average 'everyday' people who:  Went through something, almost (or did) give up hope, and how they overcame their adversity. If this is you, it's time to write that book. God-Given University Publishing, LLC is an up and coming publisher that selects specific and autobiographies to not only keep costs down with their [A' La Carte] program, but allows for the new authors to maintain all rights to their book once published.  Did we catch your interest?  Below are your options should you be approved to publish with us. Since it is [A' La Carte], the more you chose, the higher the cost.

  • Pre-typed (no proof-reading/no editing required)
  • Additional fee if (but not limited to):
    • pre-typed/needs basic proof-reading/no editing
    • pre-typed/needs basic proof-reading/needs minor editing
    • pre-typed/needs major proof-reading and editing*
    • manuscript needs to be typed
    • book inserts must be printed in color
    • desiring 30 business day turn around to start/complete/published your book
    • basic book cover design and layout

Questions? Please complete the form below.

*=denotes that major proof-reading and editing will be outsourced for an additional fee.  Note:  It is the consumer's responsibility to view their project twice (electronically/manually) to check for errors. If books are printed with errors the author did not catch, God-Given University Publishing, LLC is not help responsible.  Price list available upon request during a brief interview.

All rights reserved. We have the right to change our fees/cancel contract to publish your book if:

  1. The author's penmanship is not legible.
  2. Submitted in another language.
  3. Author requests more revisions than allotted (four = two electronically + two manually).
  4. Payment is not received within the designated time frame without prior notification/payment arrangements.
  5. Should the author chose to discontinue their publication services within seven calendar days after payment, they will only receive 25% of their overall payment. After seven days, there is no refund.
  6. Should God-Given University Publishing, LLC discontinue their publication services within two calendar weeks after the consumer made a payment, the consumer will receive 65% of their overall payment.
  7. Service timeline begins once interview, manuscript and full payment is received. 
  8. Additional fees are recommended if publishing project requires it. If the author does not pay for the additional service their manuscript requires, then they will have to make their own changes and resubmit their manuscript to or authorize GGUP, LLC since services are [A' La Carte].

Fear of the Unknown

If you, like the author and owner of God-Given University Publishing, LLC always wanted to publish, but did not know how or would be a laughing stock...then you should feel right at home. The author and owner of GGUP, LLC can relate to how you feel and guess what? Her motto is, "Every person should write at least one book to show that they were here". So, yes should feel right at home.  Now, got write that book.

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We've got something for the whole family.  From the newborn babe up to you're co-worker. We're sure you'll locate a quality product within your budget.

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