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Books Published under Palmer

Be Strong

Written in 1997 during a time when the author left Christ and wrote about what she felt, saw and dreamed during her two 1/2 years from Him. Published in 2005 to encourage others not to cross the line of temptation into sin using short stories and poems with the Word of God. This material is usually performed in secular settings as an 'attention grabber'.

Stay Strong

Written in 1998-2006 when the author was a baby Christian to being full grown spiritually in the things of Christ. The motivation behind this book was to help those who did not feel that they could not open up about their past harassing them. The breaking point was when a dear friend came out of a counseling session and poured her heart out to the author about what was really bothering her. These writings helped her peers and it is our hope that they will benefit you as well. The author believes that there is something about a story line that helps us see ourselves and encourages us to do better.

Escape from Hateland

"I just can't stand her!"


"I don't know, I just can't!"

We've all been there at some point and time in life. "I can't stand her" is normally a cloak of jealousy disguised as hate or irritation especially when the person has not done something to you directly or indirectly to encourage that response. Written in 2006 and published in 2013 when the author found that there is a difference between a personality conflict and being flat out jealous because of the ride, job or mate she was longing for. She found a way to escape and you can too! This book was written with some humor to make it easy to digest.

The Last Writings of a Single Woman

"How could she have messed up as long as she's been saved?"

If you've ever missed the mark in front of an unbeliever or a super Christian, then you know what La Leta is talking about. You feel bad enough and it's pure drama to constantly be threatened with 'what you did last summer'. This book opens up about things the author wished to God someone would have open up to her about in the early Spring of 2008. Yes, let the past be the past, but if emotional healing is denied, then the past will not rest. This book helps a person confront and let go. Constantly looking back has never allowed a person to look forward to what's ahead. If anything, all it does is steal our joy and peace. This book is an open book into the author's life before marriage.

A College Student's Research on Traditional Marriage

A 2004-2006 University Research Project that allowed the author to invest almost two years of research into how effective traditional marriage really was. From secular studies to generational curses, this study has helped the author truly realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that traditional marriage is the safest way to go about life should you choose to wed.

...If God Made You That Way...

A 2008 Graduate Studies Community Health Education PowerPoint Project comparing the lifespan of those who engage in traditional coitus compared to those who do not. With detailed stats from CDC, medical documentation and biology, one is sure to come to the conclusion if God truly made them that way when the medical consequences are introduced.

Books Published under Williams

In the Land of the Philistines (Co-Author)

A delightful and intriguing look at how things were in bible days compared to the now generation. This detailed account is sure to have you wonder if we are truly operating on our own or actually following in the footsteps of David and Goliath, Sampson and Delilah, or king Saul. You just may see that human nature does not fall too far from the tree in the land of the Philistines!

When I was a Child

What does hiding under the bed, Ex-lax and grits have in common? A lot of foolishness bound in the heart of a child! This book is a fun-loving tale of the author during some highlights of her childhood. With quotes and phrases to make you think, this book is sure to do the trick to have you laugh and encourage you to smile!

Contemplating a Sip of Satan's Sweet Tea: Does the Apple Really Fall Far From the Tree When You Don't Know Your Family's History? (The Novelette)

“Go on. Don’t this feel right? His kisses are like candy, isn’t it? Don’t you miss it? It will make you feel better. Don’t you love him? You’re about to get married anyway, right? Go ahead, it ain’t gonna hurt nothin’. It’ll make you feel so good. Just think about it. Don’t you want to feel good? I know you do and no one will know but him and you.”

If your thoughts ever tried to entice you to get a temporary hurt relived by doing something mean, nasty or obscene; know that you’re Contemplating a Sip of Satan’s Sweet Tea! Doing wrong may make you feel better immediately but it’s consequences has eternal effects. Know that you’ll never get healthy in any area of your life by taking a Sip of Satan’s Sweet Tea. This generation has a bad habit of thinking that doing wrong is the cure for wrong. This book is sure to have a person think before taking a sip of Satan’s Sweet Tea!

Contemplating a Sip of Satan's Sweet Tea: (CASOSST) Am I My Father's Keeper? (The Novel)

When I completed the novelette, I had no intentions of writing a novel. I was content with the success it was having and the stories about how it was literally changing lives. As I took the time to rest, suggestions came in. My readers were basically informing me that I could not quit with a simple novelette. In other words, I need to continue with this series.

As I took their suggestions into careful consideration, I figured I would expound upon what happens when someone overcomes a test. Will they continue to get it right 100%? As I wrote this novel, I was tempted to make the heroine invincible, I saw a flaw. How would doing something like that encourage my readers? I was seduced to create a character I wish I could be at that age range. I selected to have the people in my novel with noticeable issues that has once again made my writings a great success.

Contemplating a Sip of Satan's Sweet Tea (CASOSST) Hell Has No Fury Like a Husband Scorned Novel II

Here we go again! My readers just would not let me quit. I guess that can be taken as a great compliment. It was shared that I have to follow them (my characters) to the grave and beyond. Thus, this second novel was written to expound upon the myth of, "And they lived happily ever after...the end."

Does a person really enjoy their life once they finally have their way? Is it really easier 'said than done' when it comes to 'forgiving and forgetting'? In this novel, you truly see.

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